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    Titration on a whole new level

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  • Titrando


    Metrohm's high-end titrator for discerning professionals

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  • Ti-Touch


    The 916 Ti-Touch is a potentiometric titrator for routine applications

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  • Flodex


    No more guessing, the powder flow at a glance

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  • Phase One Disintegration Tester

    Phase One Disintegration Tester

    State-of-the-art technology in a simple analysis

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  • Vision Microette

    Vision Microette

    A whole new level of performance: automated diffusion testing

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  • Manual Diffusion Test System

    6-Cell Manual Diffusion Test System

    Diffusion testing a new world of possibilities

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  • Strat-M


    There is nothing like the skin for diffussion testing, except for Strat-M

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  • Vision G2 Classic 6

    Vision G2 Classic 6

    Back to Basics: entry-level/routine dissolution tester

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  • Vision G2 Elite 8

    Vision G2 Elite 8

    Redesigning the dissolution test with unlimited possibilities

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  • Vision AutoPlus

    Vision AutoPlus

    Automation, the tool of the future today

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  • Vision AutoFilter Changer

    Vision AutoFilter Changer

    No more wasted time, filter manager that fits your needs

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  • Media-Mate Plus

    Media-Mate Plus

    Media preparation system for optimizing your time

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  • Fiber Optic System

    Fiber Optic System

    The future is here: real-time dissolution profile analysis

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  • Hanson UV-1800

    Hanson UV-1800

    Custom-made on-line UV for pharmaceuticals.

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  • Dissolution Testing Accesories

    Hanson - the foundation of modern quality testing for pharmaceuticals

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  • PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete

    PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete

    Delivering the ultimate in water purity for absolute confidence in your results

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  • PURELAB® Chorus 1

    PURELAB® Chorus 1

    Consistently delivering water purity of 18.2 MΩ.cm (Type I+/I)

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  • PURELAB® Chorus 2

    PURELAB® Chorus 2

    When Type II water is all you need, then PURELAB Chorus 2 (RO/DI) is the reliable solution

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  • PURELAB® Chorus 2+

    PURELAB® Chorus 2+

    Providing additional bacteria and inorganic quality for sensitive analytical and life science a

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  • PURELAB® Chorus 3

    PURELAB® Chorus 3

    PURELAB Chorus 3 for reliable delivery of Type III water purity

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  • PURELAB® flex 1 & 2

    PURELAB® flex 1 & 2

    Water purity for analytical and life science applications which require RO type III water

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  • PURELAB® flex 3 & 4

    PURELAB® flex 3 & 4

    PURELAB flex 3&4 are particularly suited for small volumes of water where TOC levels are critic

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  • PURELAB® Classic

    PURELAB® Classic

    Combines high performance with economy to deliver 18.2 MΩ-cm type I ultrapure water at a very

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  • MEDICA® 7/15

    MEDICA® 7/15

    Compact, high performance water purification system with up to 1.8 l/min of CLRW

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  • MEDICA® Pro

    MEDICA® Pro

    All MEDICA Pro systems deliver up to 4 l/min of CLRW grade water

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  • MEDICA® R200

    MEDICA® R200

    Guaranteed high output – 200 l/hr pure water productivity, delivering up to 21 l/min to Clini

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  • CENTRA® R60/R120

    CENTRA® R60/R120

    CENTRA-R 200 is a complete water purification, storage, control and distribution systems

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    In addition to storing and distributing pure water, the CENTRA-RDS maintains and improves water

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  • CENTRA® R200

    CENTRA® R200

    A complete water purification, storage, control and distribution system

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  • Celsis Accel® System

    What if there was a rapid microbial detection platform that was simple, easy-to-use, and could

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  • Celsis Advance II™ System

    Add functionality and ease-of-use features to your microbial detection instrumentation

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  • Sistemas Fibertec™

    FT 122 & 121 Fibertec™

    Manual fibre determination system according to standard method.

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  • Fibertec™ 1023

    Fibertec™ 1023

    Fibertec™ 1023 is a semi-automated Dietary Fibre analysis system

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  • Fibertec™ 8000

    Fibertec™ 8000

    Fully automated fibre analysis system following to standard methods.

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  • MeatMaster™ II

    MeatMaster™ II

    Three versions of the MeatMaster II X-ray fat analyser now available

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  • MeatMaster™ II C

    MeatMaster™ II C

    100% control of your meat process with continuous “real time” measurements of all meat

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  • MeatMaster™ II AG

    MeatMaster™ II AG

    100% control of your ground meat production

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  • BactoScan™ FC

    BactoScan™ FC

    An uncompromising approach to Bacteria analysis in Milk

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  • CombiFoss™ 7

    CombiFoss™ 7

    Making a difference in milk analysis

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  • Fossomatic™ 7

    Fossomatic™ 7

    Effective herd improvement with somatic cell counting

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  • Kjeltec™ 8400

    Kjeltec™ 8400

    Fully automated distillation and titration system according to the official Kjeldahl method.

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  • KT 200 Kjeltec™

    KT 200 Kjeltec™

    Simple, semi-automated distillation unit following the official Kjeldahl method.

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  • Kjeltec™ 8100

    Kjeltec™ 8100

    Semi-automated distillation unit following the official Kjeldahl method

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  • Kjeltec™ 8200

    Kjeltec™ 8200

    Automated distillation unit following the official Kjeldahl method.

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  • Digestor™ 2508 and 2520

    Digestor™ 2508 and 2520

    Automated distillation units following the official Kjeldahl method. Upgradeable to a fully aut

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  • DT 208 & 220 Digestor™

    DT 208 & 220 Digestor™

    Basic digestion block for safe and efficient Kjeldahl analysis

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  • DairyScan


    Fast and accurate tests for your cheese production

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  • MeatScan


    Control quality and profits using meat analysis

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  • Olivia™


    A handy and affordable analyser

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  • ProFoss™ para lácteos

    ProFoss™ for dairy – inline analysis

    In-line NIR pays in dairy production

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  • ProFoss™ para piensos

    ProFoss™ for inline feed analysis using NIR

    Accurate production monitoring for animal feed using inline feed analysis

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  • ProFoss™ para soja

    ProFoss™ for soya

    Save money and resources in the soya milling process

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  • ProFoss™ para grano entero

    ProFoss™ for grain and milling

    Making optimal use of grain for milling

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  • ProFoss™ para carne

    ProFoss™ for poultry and ground meat analysis

    Meet production targets with accurate control of ground meat production

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  • Fossomatic™ 7 DC

    Fossomatic™ 7 DC

    Fossomatic™ 7 DC counts Total Somatic Cells as well as Differential Somatic Cells in raw milk

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  • ProFoss™ for oilseed meals

    ProFoss™ for oilseed meals

    Peak Scientific Purge Gas Generators offer gas which is free of organic contaminants

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  • FoodScan™ Analizador para lacteos

    FoodScan™ Dairy Analyser

    Improved efficiency and consistency in dairy production

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  • FoodScan™ Analizador para carnes

    FoodScan™ Meat Analyser

    Improved efficiency and consistency in the meat industry

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  • NIRS™ DA1650 Analizador para piensos

    NIRS™ DA1650 Feed Analyser

    When you’re ready to save, it’s ready for you.

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  • NIRS™ DA1650 Analizador para harinas

    NIRS™ DA1650 Flour Analyser

    Beyond six second NIR Flour analysis

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  • NIRS™ DA1650 Oilseed Crush Analyser

    NIRS™ DA1650 Oilseed Crush Analyser

    Fast and reliable oilseed crush analysis in one unit

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  • NIRS™ DS2500 Analizador para lacteos en polvo

    NIRS™ DS2500 Dairy Powder Analyser

    The next step in NIR analysis of Dairy powder

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  • NIRS™ DS2500 Analizador para piensos

    NIRS™ DS2500 F Feed Analyser

    Take your feed analysis to the next level with NIR

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  • NIRS™ DS2500 Analizador para harinas

    NIRS™ DS2500 Flour Analyser

    The next step in NIR analysis of flour

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  • ProFoss™ for flour and whole grain

    ProFoss™ for flour and whole grain

    ProFoss™ is a continuous in-line analyser for determination of critical parameters in flour a

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  • FoodScan™ Fish Analyser

    FoodScan™ Fish Analyser

    Improved efficiency and consistency in the fish meal industry

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  • MilkoStream FT

    MilkoStream FT

    More value from your milk with In-line analysis

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  • MilkoScan 7

    MilkoScan 7 RM

    The future of milk testing and herd improvement

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  • MilkoScan FT1

    MilkoScan FT1

    Milk analysis using FTIR

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  • MilkoScan FT2

    MilkoScan FT2

    Infrared milk analyser for profitable dairy production

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  • MilkoScan Mars

    MilkoScan Mars

    The First MilkoScan for Everyone

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  • OenoFoss


    Simple and accurate testing from just one drop

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  • WineScan


    Robust measurement system for the monitoring of reactions in technical centers and in pilot pla

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  • Infratec™ 1241 - Analizador de grano

    Infratec™ 1241 Grain Analyzer

    Protein analysis of grain with proven performance

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  • Infratec™ NOVA

    Infratec™ NOVA

    Your new standard in grain testing

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  • Infratec™ Sofia

    Infratec™ Sofia

    Sofia for grain receival

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  • ST 243 Soxtec™

    ST 243 Soxtec™

    The Soxtec™ system provides fast, safe and automated solvent extraction of food, feed, texti

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  • ST 255 Soxtec™

    ST 255 Soxtec™

    Semi automated, six position solvent extraction system for crude and total fat analysis

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  • Soxtec™ 8000

    Soxtec™ 8000

    First fully automated Soxhlet for fast and safe crude and total fat analysis

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  • SoxCap 2047

    SoxCap 2047

    Manual hydrolysis for total fat analysis

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  • Hydrotec 8000

    Hydrotec 8000

    Fully automated hydrolysis system with up to 12 positions

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  • Alphatec™ F№

    Alphatec™ F№

    Alphatec™ performs falling number analysis for sprouting damage in grain and enzyme activity

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  • Molinos de muestras

    Sample Mills

    A broad range of grinding applications

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  • Dumatec™ 8000

    Dumatec™ 8000

    With Dumatec™ 8000, busy laboratories can deliver reliable Dumas results in just three minute

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  • BacSomatic™


    Rapid results for Somatic Cell Count and Bacteria Count

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