We have a selection of training courses available, explaining how to operate and maintain your instruments optimally. The courses are conducted by experienced SCANCO instructors and are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your analytical solutions. The trainings can be done at your local SCANCO office or on-site (depending on the instrument). Courses include instruction in basic and advanced instrument maintenance, troubleshooting, and an introduction to calibration and application development.

Guidelines for good laboratory practice are essential for good results

  • Audit of routine tests performed with the instruments in question. This consists of the step-by-step follow-up of the analysis procedures.
  • Practical review of the handling of the instrumentation and software by the users.
  • Verification of the performance of the personnel, followed by our feedback of result to the technical/lab manager.
  • Resolution of doubts and concerns of the staff with the team and management.
  • OPTIONAL – Theoretical and Practical Training

Theoretical presentation of the instrumentation to the users.

  • Theoretical and practical explanation of the methods of analysis implemented.
  • Practical training in the handling of instrumentation and software by the users.
  • Resolution of doubts and concerns of the staff with the team and management.
  • Depending on the application, you will need a Wet Chemistry application service.

OPTIONAL – Implementation of methodology for new analysis *.

A solid technical and practical knowledge base improves the results in your laboratory.

  • Training courses on the different calibration software used by FOSS: WinISI, ISIscan.
  • Monitoring of calibrations according to ISO 12099.
  • Creation of networks of NIR and FTIR equipment, using the platform RINA and MOSAIC.
  • Generation of reports with ISIScan software, to be used as food analysis certificates for clients.